Data Engineer


A B2B SaaS company based in Seattle that is working on cloud cost optimization.

My Role

  • Managed data engineering projects with a dedication to AI safety, ensuring cloud optimization tools conformed to ethical use standards.
  • Designed compliant data processing systems, contributing to the trustworthy use of government data in cloud cost optimization.
  • Advanced the company's tech stack with an emphasis on secure and ethical AI application development.


  • Built compliant data processing pipelines to optimize cloud costs using petabytes of data. Helped onboard the US Govt as a client 
  • Restructured REST endpoints for all AWS applications to decrease server query response time by 15%
  • Containerized Java microservices and migrated them from AWS to Kubernetes (using Docker and Kustomize configs)
  • Designed CloudFormation templates to let the engineering team develop REST endpoints for all our AWS applications
  • Technology Stack: Core Java, Python, AWS CloudFormation, EC2, S3, ASG, ELBs, RDS, DynamoDB, SQS, and Lambda
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