Product Manager


A B2B silicon valley startup that is building no-code decision intelligence tool for large e-commerce brands like Uniqlo.

My Role

  • Led the launch of a decision intelligence tool, ensuring the product's no-code interface maintained user privacy and data integrity.
  • Enhanced user experience by analyzing behavioral data, prioritizing transparency, and user consent in the AI-driven insights provided.
  • Implemented company-wide analytics to monitor product performance, adhering to ethical standards and contributing to the trustworthiness of AI applications.


  • Led the launch of the self-serve Shopify app with the engineering & design teams, which grew SMB clients from 0 to 100+
  • Analyzed user journeys, created wireframes, and optimized UX for plan upgrades. Increased customer acquisition by 200%
  • Set up a company-wide user analytics with¬†Amplitude, Metabase, and FullStory to track and optimize user journeys and measure product KPIs
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